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AtGrating - A professional supplier for optical fiber sensors and instruments

AtGrating is professional supplier for optical fiber sensing. AtGrating offers industrial solutions by providing customized sensors and sensing instruments that add value, reduce uncertainty and maximize performance from our customer systems.
Over many years development, AtGrating has expanded its solo FBG products to whole fiber sensing system. AtGrating’s Fiber Bragg grating (FBG) based sensors are designed for measuring various measurands, such as static and dynamic pressure, strain, temperature, accelerometer, tilt, and displacement, etc. Raman distributed sensing (DTS) systems are also offered for Oil & Energy industries for intelligent well production process monitoring and reservoir asset management. AtGrating provided FBG based DTS cables will be customized to various industrial process and production efficiency monitoring and diagnostics. AtGrating offers a full support or consulting services for our products, technical assistance during installation, repair, and calibration services.

Our Mission
AtGrating is committed to become an Intelligent Solution provider by its leadership in transforming technical innovation from optical and fiber optic sensing technology into unique engineering solution for solving various industrial process challenges.
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