By compensating thermal effect with appropriate sensor package the Fiber Bragg grating sensors can detect different measurands, such as dynamic and static strains, static and dynamic and differential pressures, steady and dynamic temperatures, acceleration, vibration etc. WDM/TDM based sensor multiplexing method enables versatile sensing applications that can be designed either for large-scale industrial applications, such as Oil/reservoir field, or for small-scale healthcare application, such as physiological device. This versatile sensing platform allows various FBG-based sensors to be deployed in any industrial environment. The acquired signals from each FBG sensor could be used to interrogate either slow-varying measurand or dynamic measurand, and the signals can be shared globally with matured wireless technology. The purpose of the use of such a sensing technology is to monitor and diagnose a remote customer's system(s) for effective asset(s) management and efficency optimization.
AtGrating’s focus is on the novel design and integration on fiber sensing technology innovations into a unique industrial solution that could fill current technology gaps for solving various customers’ challenging issues. The listed application areas below are just some examples for applying fiber sensing technology for solving specific challenges.
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