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Transient Thermal Event Monitoring
Transient temperature variation is a critical thermal event in many industrial processes, including ablation, welding, combustion, and power generation efficiency improvements. In these harsh environments, the startup events could rapidly increase temperature within short time, except the high-pressure, high gas flow rate, and thermal blast induced vibration, such as gas turbine blade vibration at startup moment. Many failure modes from industrial machinery systems are due to inappropriate transient temperature control. For static or slow-varying temperature measurement the thermocouple, pyrometer, and blackbody techniques have been favored historically, but they are not suitable for transient thermal detection with a bandwidth higher than 10-100Hz.
Transient temperature detection with fiber sensor is highly desirable due to their advantages in low mass, small size (ø0.125mm x2mm), low specific heat, multiplexing, multi-point distribution, and electromagnetic interference immunity. With silica fiber sensor its maximum operation for dynamic thermal detection could be up to 1200°C, while sapphire fiber sensor could be used up to 1800°C. The thermal response rate could be from 150°C to 300°C per second. Such a dynamic thermal response feature could be leveraged for fast industrial process monitoring and diagnostics (M&D). One of its merits lies in its guided-mode nature that strongly limits ambient light for not overwelming the signal background. To provide a real high dynamic thermal event monitoring solution, AtGrating could provide either thermal radiation-based transient thermal event detection or FBG sensor wavelength-based transient thermal event detection for measuring dynamic temperature variation. We could provide very dynamic thermal event monitoring with 250Hz to 5kHz thermal response rate.
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