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Temperature Uniformity Monitoring from Electric Power Generation Equipment
End-winding in electric generators, stators, and transformers are typical representations of power generation industrial systems, where the operation condition monitoring is critical part of condition-based maintenance practices. For maintaining these assets for long-term safe operations the end-winding coil inside the large capacity transformer or generator or stator may have non-uniformed temperature distribution or random vibration or displacement from different windings or locations. In some case the insulation degradation causes localized hot spots that could shorten whole equipment's lifetime, and may lead to unexpected fire, loss of the property, and damage on other electric equipment. Several methods, such as detecting dissolved gas (H2) and acoustic noise, acceleration, vibration, and RTD etc. for detecting these electric equipment structural health condition. However, fiber Bragg grating based temperature sensor is entirely nonmetallic dielectric material, which could be used for hot-spot, vibration, displacement detection.
Conventional thermal sensors, such as RTDs, are used to monitor hot spots from generator end-windings or from stator slots but the number of the sensing points are not sufficient to address hot-spot and thermal nonuniformity because of RTD size, axial and circumferential thermal profile distribution. Thus, the fiber optical sensors have demonstrated the advantages in the nature of the electromagnetic immunity and its small size and wavelength multiplexing capability. This means that one fiber sensing cable could be deployed inside the end-winding or stator slots with one penetration requirement. To avoid electromagnetic interference the fiber sensing cable could use Teflon and PTFE nonmetallic material as sheath for protection, and a hermetical sealing gland will transit fiber cable from outside to end-winding locations. Several fiber sensing cables with several FBG temperature sensors are installed in the end-windings with nonmetal sheath material for sensing cable. The packaged fiber sensor could be simply used for thermal profile, and localized thermal anomaly monitoring. More than this thermal anomalous M&D, fiber sensors could be used for end-winding vibration and displacement measurements with a properly installation package design. Atgrating could provide its expertise for assisting customer's to make a low-cost and reliable sensing instrument for transformer, motor, generator and any other machinery system's remote monitoring, diagnostic, control and optimization.
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