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Downhole & Wellbore Temperature Profile Monitoring
Distributed temperature sensing (DTS) has been widely used for Oil/Gas industrial oil and gas extraction. As a fact that the flow dynamics of the hydrocarbon fluid will vary a wellbore's temperature profile. Using DTS technology for monitoring hydrocarbon production condition has become a very useful tool for gas artificial lift, multi-phase fluid composition analyses.
DTS System Application in Oil Filed & Downhole Environment

The DTS systems have been installed in several oil fields, located at North Asia since 2008. In addition, a high-pressure and high-temperature (HPHT-PT) gage, with pressure range from 5kpsi, 10kpsi, 15kpsi, and 20kpsi, is also combined together in each installation for obtaining baseline data and pressure information. There are several configurations can be designed to fit to different well production requirements. For example, a PT gage may be sufficient for single-layered oil/gas field. However, a PT gage combined with a DTS fiber cable may be a better option to ensure long-term reliability in measuring both temperature profile and single-point pressure. In other case, a looped fiber cable, an optical turnaround sub at the distal end of the fiber cable, can be used to ensure a correction for nonlinear Stokes and anti-Stoke attenuation. In specific case, a multiple or distributed PT gages could be deployed along a fiber sensing cable with multiple optical couplers. AtGrating could leverage its expertise to provide a right sensing system and configuration to fit to your application and budget.
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