Fiber Sensing Cable Package Design Service
Arrayed FBG based fiber sensing cable can be used for temperature or thermal profile measurement. In order for FBG sensing array to be used in harsh environment, a fiber sensing array package could provide mechanical protection. This is not only due to fiber itself fragility but also due to the detrimental long-term effect of moisture and potentially mechanical breakage. However, the fiber sensing array package will be different for strain, pressure, vibrational, and acceleration etc. measurement. The fiber sensing cable with FBG sensors of 10-500 can be distributed to a length of a few kilometers or miles. The most common sensing array application is for thermal profile measurement from a specific environment, where the electronic sensors, such as thermocouples, are highly limited or even don’t work at all. AtGrating provided single FBG fiber sensing array design is based on six-sigma methodological process to compromise following parameters:
• Minimum and maximum operation temperatures;
• Minimum and maximum operation strains;
• Number of sensing points; Installation methods (clamping, welding, or bonding etc.);
• Sensor response time;
• Sensor lifetime expectation;
• Any potential moisture, corrosive gas/liquid, fouling, vibration etc.;
• Sensor accuracy and resolution;
• Fiber cable penetration method (Gland, feedthrough etc.);
• Any constrains in sensor package geometry, size, material, and cost.
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