Fiber Sensing Instrument Design Service
When customer has a specific application with a certain number of FBGs is packaged as a sensing cable, a sensing instrumentation can be constructed by multiplexing different sensing cables either with multi-channel optical sensing interrogator or with single-channel optical sensing interrogator plus a multi-channel optical switcher. The static and dynamic signals from FBG sensors can be analyzed either with time-division or with wavelength-division multiplexing method. A sensor instrument mainly consists of four parts:
• Sensor or sensing cables;
• Junction box for terminating fiber sensing cables nearby the application environment;
• Optical sensor signal interrogation unit;
• A computer with user friendly software for data acquisition & process.
AtGrating provided sensing instrument design is based on six-sigma methodological process to provide low-cost sensing instrumentation by down selecting market available sensor interrogators. The following information will be required for design process:
• Where the Instrument is installed, namely, field or indoor environment?
• Number of sensors and sensing cables; Installation methods (19” Back-rake mounting, field standalone etc.);
• Hermetical sealing requirement for fiber sensor cable penetration method (Gland, feedthrough, conduit etc.);
• What is the compliance requirement on ATEX, CE, EMC, RoHS, etc.?
• What are desired data acquisition and transmission rate?
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