Sensing Software Design Service
Sensing software basic function is to acquire the raw signal from optical interrogator that has connected sensors and sensing cables. When a sensing instrumentation is based on wavelength multiplexing method, a multi-channel optical sensing interrogator plus a multi-channel optical switcher may be more than enough to provide conventional sensing detection. The software can be designed to detect both static and dynamic signals from optical sensors, and can provide basic data process function, and online display. More than that, data online process, data fusion, and analysis can be embedded into the software functionality. In addition, the alarming signal can be produced if the measured parameter has out of low- or up-limit range. AtGrating provided sensing software design is based on LabVIEW or C++ language to provide low-cost software for customer immediate application. The following information will be required for software design process:
• Number of sensors and sensing cables;
• Data acquisition and transmission rate;
• Raw data display update rate;
• Data saving rate range;
• Data process method and potential mathematical formula;
• Long-term software operation without attendant?
• Automatic startup & data saving after power outage?
• If needs alarming, what are low- and up-limit on what interest parameter?
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