Field Installation Service
When a customer has requested a specific sensing solution, AtGrating not only provides sensor and instrument designs, but also sensor package, prototype, performance validation, qualification, and field installation. With great experience in field deployment AtGrating can provide time and cost manageable service to help customer installing sensors and sensing instrument worldwide. To early plan the field installation service, it will be critical to learn application environment conditions, geometrical constrains, compliance requirement, accessibility, and engineering support from customer site. In some cases, AtGrating can work with sub-contractor(s) to prepare the installation needed parts, penetration preparation, and provide field installation diagrams and drawings for customer engineer review. AtGrating provided sensing instrument field installation service will follow procedures:
• Customer site visit to learn application conditions;
• AtGrating collects all specifications and provide an installation proposal within 2 weeks;
• After customer approved such a proposal, AtGrating Engineering team will prepare all necessary drawings and souring parts;
• If other subcontractors involved, AtGrating will coordinate with each of them to ensure completion installation schedule;
• AtGrating will send its engineering team to customer site for service;
• AtGrating will report out the installation completion to customer.
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