Sensing Data Analysis Service
Depending upon the data acquisition rate and number of the sensing points the obtained field data could be huge amount that could overflow the DAQ hard drive. On the other hand, the several interested sensing parameters may need to be combined together for an industrial process control and optimization. One method is to use “Data Fusion” processes which are often categorized as low, intermediate or high, depending on the processing stage at which fusion takes place. Low level data fusion combines several sources of raw data to produce new raw data. The expectation is that fused data is more informative and synthetic than the original inputs. Another method is called as “Data Integration” that is used to describe the combining of data, whereas data fusion is integration followed by reduction or replacement. Data integration might be viewed as set combination wherein the larger set is retained, whereas fusion is a set reduction technique with improved confidence. Boston Instruments will leverage existing experience in sensor data process for analyzing customer specific data of monitoring and measurement. This service will include:
• Raw data analysis and conversion with calibration transfer function;
• Short-term and long-term sensing data trend presentation;
• Data trend and industrial system operation condition relationship;
• Data integration and fusion process.
To meet different demands from industrial and University research, development and engineering (R&DE), we provide customized service to improve and modify existing fiber sensor package, sensing cable, and sensing instrument for retrofit installation. When you place your order, please specify your specific requirements to our sales department at:
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