FBG Array
FBG Array is a series of Bragg grating written on a single optical fiber. It can meet the requirements for long monitoring and multi-points monitoring. It can improve the stability and reliability, as well as simplify the system. AtGrating can customize the FBG array for different customers.

No splicing point
Customer defined grating characteristics and spacing
High Stability and Reliability
Long fiber distance

Distributed Sensing Measurement
Wavelength Reference
Aerospace Engineering
Load monitoring for power transmission

Parameters Unit Values
Center Wavelength nm 1510 ~ 1590
Wavelength Tolerance nm +/-0.5
FBG Length mm 3 5 10 15
Reflectivity -- ≥70% ≥75% ≥90% ≥90%
Bandwidth at –3dB nm ≤0.7 ≤0.7 ≤0.3 ≤0.3
SLSR dB ≥15
Mini. Spacing mm 10
Spacing Accuracy mm ≤1
Recoat   Acrylate Or Polyimide
Proof Test Kpsi ≥100
Fiber Type -- SMF-28e Or Polyimide Fiber(OFS BF04446)
Fiber Termination -- Bare Fiber, FC/UPC, FC/APC Or E2000
Pigtail Length -- Customized
Operating Temp.


-40 ~120
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