Athermal Packaged FBG
FBG is the key component that acts as a rejection filter in telecommunications. The center wavelength of FBG is very sensitive to changes of temperature or strain. The package is used by the technology of temperature compensation to make the wavelength very stable.
Key Features
100G/50G Channel Spacing
Low Insertion Loss
Excellent Channel Isolation

Regional and long haul
DWDM Networks
Wavelength reference


Parameters Values
Wavelength C Band Or C+L Band Or 980nm Band
Bandwidth @3dB >0.2nm
Insertion <0.2dB
SLSR >15dB
PDL <0.1dB
Wavelength Shift <0.08nm from -5 degree to 70 degree
Fiber Type SMF-28 Compatible
Dimension 12mm(Dia.) * 87mm
Storage -40℃ ~ +85℃

Thermal Characteristic

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