FBG Filter Embedded Connector
In the fiber to the home, when monitoring optical fiber transmitting communication lights, a wavelength of 1625nm or 1650 nm is used for maintenance testing and installed optical filters that allow the communication light to pass but that cut off the test light in the front of optical line terminals and optical network terminals. A termination cable, which is located very close to an ONT, has an SC-type connector with an optical filter. It is necessary to provide a filter that can be easily embedded in a connector to realize a more economical termination cable. A fiber Bragg grating (FBG) filter is suitable for this application.

Parameters Unit Values
Center Wavelength nm 1650, 1625 Or C band
Reflectivity % 10~99
FWHM nm 10 (typical)
Insertion Loss dB <0.7
Type -- SC/APC, SC/PC, LC/PC or LC/APC
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