FBG Strain Sensor
The strain sensors make use of the sensitivity of fiber grating to measure the strain. The FBG is fixed inside a stainless steel housing between two anchoring points. The housing consists of a sliding mechanism that allows both ends to move freely relative to each other.

Weldable strain sensor MS-01

Surface sticking strain sensor MS-02

Embedded strain sensor ES-01
Robust and high reliability Monitoring of compression as well as tension possible
Watertight and capable of service in harsh environment.

The strain sensors can be applied to monitor strain changes in various structures for a very long period of time.

Parameters Unit Value Remark
Center Wavelength nm 1510-1590 Customized
Strain Measurement Range με +/-1500 Customized
Accuracy   1‰  
Temperature Range -5-80  
Dimension mm φ12 * 102 MS-01
78(L) * 14(W) * 7(H) MS-02
φ33 * 110 ES-01
Installation mm Welding MS-01
Paste MS-02
Embedded ES-01
Connector -- FC/APC  
Pigtail Type   Amoured Or Jumper Cable  
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