Athermal Mountable Strain Sensor AMS-01
The AMS-01 athermal strain sensor is a Fiber Bragg Grating based sensor with a special
design. It decreases greatly the strain caused by the thermal expansion of stainless steel
structures. It is welded on the surface of SS structures.
Robust and high stability
Very low temperature sensitivity
Immunity to EMI/RFI


Parameter Unit Value Remark
Center Wavelength nm 1510-1590  
Strain range με +/-1500 customized
Accuracy   1‰ F.S  
Distance between two anchors mm 65  
Temperature cross sensitivity με/℃ ≤1 After Installation
Operating temperature range -10~80 customized
Dimension mm φ12 * 83  
Connector -- FC/APC customized
Pigtail   3mm armored cable  

Stain Characteristic
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