FBG Strain Sensor with Temperature Compensation
The strain sensor makes use of the sensitivity of fiber grating to measure the strain. The FBG is fixed inside a ruggedized stainless steel housing between two anchoring points. The housing consists of a sliding mechanism that allows both ends to move freely relative to each other.

There are 2-FBG-Array inside the housing. The strain and temperature can be achieved simultaneously.

Mountable Strain Sensor MST-01

Embedded Strain Sensor EST-01
Robust and high reliability
Monitoring of compression as well as tension possible
Watertight and capable of service in harsh environment.

The strain sensor MST-01 and EST-01 can be applied to monitor strain changes in various structures for a long period of time.


Parameter Unit Value Remark
Center Wavelength nm 1510-1590 Customized
Strain Measurement Range με +/-1000 Customized
Strain Accuracy1   1‰  
Temperature Range -20-80  
Temperature Resolution 0.1  
Temperature Accuracy 1  
Dimension mm φ14*118 MST-01
φ33*110 EST-01
Connector -- FC/APC  
Pigtail Type   Amoured Or Jumper Cable  
1. The sensor accuracy does not contain error sources originating from the read-out equipment.

Strain calibration and temperature calibration for first FBG
Temp. calibration for second FBG
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