FBG Standard Pressure Sensor PT-01
The PT-01 pressure sensor is designed to measure fluid pressure or levels.
There is double FBG inside the stainless steel housing. One FBG is used to measure the pressure. Simultaneously, as temperature compensation, another FBG is used to monitor the temperature. The sensor can be equipped with a special kit of thread which can connect with different interfaces.
● Long-term reliability
● High accuracy and resolution
● Wide measuring range
● Rugged stainless steel construction
● Measurements of pressure and temperature simultaneously


Parameter Unit Value Remark
Center Wavelength nm 1510-1590  
Pressure Measurement Range MPa 1-10 Customized
Pressure Accuracy   0.5%  
Temperature Resolution 0.1  
Temperature Accuracy 1  
Temperature Range -20-80  
Dimension mm Dia.26*135 Customized
Housing Material -- SS316 or Alloy  
Connector -- FC/APC Customized
Temperature characteristic
Pressure Characteristic
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