Athermal Pressure Sensor APT-01
The APS-01 is designed to measure pore-water or other fluid pressure. It is used to monitor engineering works such as hydraulic structures, foundations, retaining walls, dams, embankments, excavations, tunnels, etc.

The unique characteristic of temperature insensitivity makes APS-01 affected slightly by temperature shift. That improves the accuracy greatly and makes it very simply in applications.
● Long-term reliability
● High accuracy and resolution
● Wide measuring range
● Rugged stainless steel construction
● Temperature insensitive
● High pressure sensitive
Temperature Characteristic
Pressure Characteristic

Items Standard Pressure Range 0~20Mpa customized
Resolution ≤0.1%F.S  
Accuracy ≤0.5%F.S  
Temperature Shift Max. 90pm  
Operating Temperature -10~+70 ℃  
Dimension φ15*155mm customized
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