Cascaded Pressure Sensor CPT-01
So far in all the market, nearly all of the FBG based pressure sensor only can
be used in shunt connection. This will cause a big problem for distributed
pressure measurement and temperature measurement as well. AtGrating
announces the high quality pressure sensor which can be cascaded for industrial applications in distributed pressure and temperature system.
● Excellent reliability and stability
● customized pressure range
● Robust
● Maximum temperature up to 250C


Parameters Unit Value Remark
Wavelength nm 1510-1590  
Pressure range MPa 50 Customized
Accuracy   0.5%  
Temperature resolution 0.1  
Temperature accuracy 1  
Operating temperature range -40-250  
Dimension mm Dia. 26 *225 Customized
Material -- SS316L Or Alloy  
Connector -- FC/APC Customized

Temperature Characteristic
Pressure Characteristic
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