Distributed FBG Temperature/Strain Cable
When monitoring high sensing points for temperature/strain, distributed FBG cable will be ideal solution for any applications. The FBG array is embedded in a small diameter fiberglass cable that permits the FBG to expand and contract freely with the temperature/strain variation. The packaging protects the fibre and makes the sensor robust and easy to handle and install.

The sensing cables can be provided with standard fibre optics connectors and both standard and armoured pigtails and can be multiplexed together in series and/or parallel to achieve the sensing network required.

Easy to install
Long lifetime
High survivability in harsh environments
Small size
Resistant to high temperatures

Airport runways and taxiways
Asphalt pavements
Concrete pavements

Diameter 2.0 ± 0.1mm
Number of FBG 20 for standard products
FBG spacing 10 m for standard products
FBG wavelength spacing 5 nm for standard products
Maximum tensile strain 10,000 με
Maximum longitudinal load 200 N
Temperature limits -65 to +250°C
Minimum bend radius 500 mm
Connectors Standard types available
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