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Types of FBG Reflector

FBG Reflector (1550nm)

FBG Reflector (1550nm)

FBG Reflectors (1550nm), also known as FBG filters, are usually installed at the front end of optical network ONUs. Combined with OTDR equipment, they can realize point-to-point (PTP) or point-to-multipoint (PTMP) network monitoring of optical links. It can accurately and quickly reflect network anomalies.
FBG Reflector (1650nm)

FBG Reflector (1650nm)

FBG Reflector (1650nm) utilizes the wavelength-selective properties of the Fiber Bragg Grating, and the FBG is embedded in the adapter. It can be easily installed in the front end of the optical network (ONU), and cooperate with the Optical Time Domain Reflector (OTDR) to quickly and accurately realize the fault detection of the optical network.

Features of Fiber Bragg Grating Reflectors

The FBG reflector is a wavelength selective filter, which is usually installed at the front end of the ONU of the optical network to achieve accurate and fast detection of the end-to-end attenuation of the optical link. Compared with dielectric thin film filters, FBG reflectors have the following characteristics:

Create high reflectivity on the PON side, which will not affect the communication

FBG reflectors use fiber Bragg grating technology to reflect nearly 100% of the test light pulse sent by the OTDR on the OLT side of the optical link terminal, and the wavelengths that do not meet the conditions will be with little attenuation normally passes through the filter. When the OTDR detects the existence of the reflected detection signal, the fiber connection at the user end is normal. If the reflection value is very low or there is no reflection, it indicates that the fiber at the user end is damaged or broken. Realize online rapid detection of optical fiber lines without affecting the normal communication of other communication signals.

High stability and reliability

The FBG reflectors use the light sensitivity of the fiber material to inscribe the FBG on the fiber core, the fiber is inserted into the ceramic ferrule, and the FBG area is completely encapsulated inside the ceramic ferrule. It will not affect the FBG and is not affected by dirt, so it has high reliability.

Adapter structure, easy to connect

FBG reflectors are available in SC type and LC type, which will be easily interacted with conventional adapters and are very convenient to use.

With the widespread implementation of fiber-to-the-home FTTH projects, the number of users involved in optical networks continues to increase. How to quickly and accurately detect optical network faults is particularly important for optical network maintenance. By installing the fiber optic filters at the fiber optic connection end, the maintenance efficiency of the FTTH network is improved and the cost is lower. FBG reflectors is an ideal choice for optical fiber line monitoring, and can be widely used in FTTX network, PON network, central computer room reflectivity test, communication system link detection, etc.

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