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Application of FBG technology

Since the late twentieth century, FBS sensing technology has been gradually applied in practical applications. Due to its strong reliability, high precision, strong waterproof property, high sensitivity, small influence from external environment, and ease of forming a sensing network, FBS sensing technology has been widely used for monitoring the safety and stability of tunnels, caves, and rock formations surrounding these structures in real-time.

Application of FBS technology in civil engineering

Using FBS sensors to monitor the load and health status of buildings in real-time, such as tunnels, bridges, and other infrastructure, can provide important information. During the construction process, FBS sensors can be built into the relevant structures, or they can be attached to the relevant building surfaces after the project is completed. By building a sensing network, computer monitoring and remote data monitoring of building structures can be achieved.


Application of FBS technology in power facilities

In the power industry, the most common application is the use of FBS technology sensors to measure the temperature of high-voltage transformer winding hotspots, which can be used for fault diagnosis and early warning. Real-time monitoring of the safe operation of power facilities can be ensured, and optimal power usage can be achieved.


Application of FBS technology in steelmaking

In the steelmaking process, FBS sensing technology can be used to develop a fiber optic slag leak detection device to monitor relevant parameter information in real-time. This can effectively prevent oxidation of molten steel, improving product quality and preventing quality problems and misjudgment during the production process.


Application of FBS technology in the monitoring of equipment safety during the production process

FBS sensors are devices that are fireproof, explosion-proof, and have properties of safety, stability, and reliability. In the production process, FBS sensors can be used to conduct a distributed temperature sensing grid on the surface of equipment, such as reaction tanks, operating in a high temperature and high-pressure state. This allows real-time monitoring of the surface temperature, enabling the discovery and elimination of safety hazards in a timely manner, and ensuring the normal operation of equipment.

Application of FBS technology in remote sensing of rivers and lakes

Using FBS water level sensors, rivers, lakes, and urban sewage networks can be monitored in real-time. The monitoring data accuracy of FBG is higher than traditional sensors. When the water level changes, the FBG will be stretched or compressed, which allows real-time remote sensing and telemetry of water levels.


Application of FBS technology in aviation and navigation

FBS sensors are widely used in aviation and navigation. In aviation, FBS technology sensors are used to monitor the ascent and descent, operation amplitude, speed, acceleration, temperature, humidity, and other information of the flight instrument in real-time. According to the monitoring parameters required for flight instruments, generally nearly one hundred sensors are needed. Because FBS sensors are lightweight, flexible, and easy to install, they are the best choice. In navigation, FBS sensors are used to monitor the performance, operating speed, and wave impact of vessels in real-time.


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