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fbg earth load cell lc 01

FBG Earth Load Cell

FBG Earth Load Cell LC-01 is a new type of optical earth load gauge developed by using high-quality constant elasticity alloy as the load transmitter, and then utilizing the inherent strain sensing characteristics of fiber grating.

The LC-01 is suitable for measuring soil stress in building foundations such as earth-rock dams, breakwaters, revetments, quay walls, high-rise buildings, pipeline foundations, bridge piers, retaining walls, tunnels, subways, airports, highways, railways, and anti-seepage wall structures, as well as the measurement of freezing force in glacier frozen soil. LC-01 has the advantages of good stability, suitable for long-term monitoring, etc., and comes with self temperature compensation.

Features of FBG Earth Load Cell LC-01

  • Anti electromagnetic interference, Intrinsically explosion-proof, and lightning protection

  • Excellent temperature, corrosion, aging resistance 

  • Built-in automatic temperature compensation

  • High precision and high resolution

  • Integrated package, more stable performance

  • Simple to use, quick to install and reusable

Application of FBG Earth Load Cell LC-01

  • Measure the total pressure in soil and earthfill works, dams

  • Measure the contact pressure of earth walls, piers, pipes, bored piles and tunnel linings

  • Measure stress in concrete

Specification of FBG Earth Load Cell LC-01

Center Wavelengthnm1460 ~ 1610
Standard Diametermm156Customized
ResolutionKpa<0.1% F.SCustomized
AccuracyKpa<0.5% F.S
Standard Pressure RangeKpa2000Customized
6mm armored cable

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