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fbg anchor bolt dynamometer ad 01

FBG Anchor (Bolt) Dynamometer

The FBG Anchor (Bolt) Dynamometer AD-01 is made of constant elastic, high-strength, and corrosion-resistant materials. Two FBG strain gauges are installed on the annular elastic base to accurately measure the total amount of various load from bearing cables, anchors and bolts. The product has a built-in temperature compensation FBG, and the temperature compensation can realize temperature measurement at the same time. It is generally used in coal mines, tunnels, foundation pits and other civil environments that require protection and support. As a bolt force measuring gasket, it can be used for monitoring the fixing of wind turbine blades, real-time monitoring of the locking status of shield segments, and other environments for monitoring the fastening status of bolts.

Features of FBG Anchor (Bolt) Dynamometer AD-01

  • Rugged, reliable, easy to install   

  • Long-term stability, high sensitivity

  • Long-term zero point stability

  • Small temperature drift

  • Easy welding operation 

  • Good dynamic characteristics

Application of FBG Anchor (Bolt) Dynamometer AD-01

  • Anchor cables 

  • Rock anchors

  • Anchor bolts 

  • Suspension bridges 

  • Stay cable bridges

Specification of FBG Anchor (Bolt) Dynamometer AD-01

Center Wavelengthnm1460 ~ 1610
RangekN100, 200, 300, or customize
ResolutionkN0.1% F.S.
AccuracykN1% F.S.
Temperature Compensation--Built-in
Material--Stainless steel
DimensionmmΦ62 x 20, varies by range
Installation--Through-center installation
Pigtail LengthmΦ3mm armored cable, 1m at single end, or customize
Optical Connector--FC/APC, or customize
Operating Temperature°C-20 ~ +80

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