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Types of FBG Temperature Sensor

FBG Temperature Sensor CT-01

FBG Temperature Sensor CT-01

Ceramic housed temperature sensor CT-01, high temperature and electric power resistance, makes it perfectly suitable for the temperature sensing in power station, oil & gas industries.
FBG Temperature Sensor ST-01

FBG Temperature Sensor ST-01

Stainless Steel tube housed temperature sensor ST-01, waterproof, commonly used in long-time harsh environmental temperature sensing in railway, bridge, dam, tunnel, etc.

What Is Fbg Temperature Sensor's Sensitivity?

The FBG temperature sensor from AtGrating, in the vicinity of our common 1550nm C-band, the sensitivity (resolution) of the FBG temperature sensor is about 11pm/℃, which means that the measured object or the measured environment is for every 0.1℃ change in temperature, the reflected wavelength of the fiber grating temperature sensor changes by 1pm. At this point we can say that the sensitivity (resolution) of the fiber grating temperature sensor is 0.1℃.

It should be further pointed out that the sensitivity or resolution of the FBG temperature sensor we are talking about is 0.1℃. This statement is more from or limited by the fiber grating interrogator (not limited by the sensor itself), if a interrogator with higher resolution is used, so that it can detect wavelength changes below picometers, the sensitivity or resolution of the fiber grating temperature sensor we define here will also be correspondingly improved.

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