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Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS)

Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS)

Distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) is a common technology in fileds of oil and gas industry to proof pilferage, detect pipeline leaks, and monitor drilling. DAS's interrogator units are connected to fiber optic cables, turning them into acoustic sensors, realizing real-time monitoring of railway lines over 50 km continuously.

It is suitable for many railway use cases, such as trains postioning,  infrastructures monitoring, defective wheels detecting, and obstacles identifying.

What Are The Das Technology's Advantages?

  • Continuous and distributed measurement of temperature and vibration, no measurement blind area

  • Multi-event simultaneous detection and accurate positioning

  • The optical fibre is the sensor, which combines transmission and sensing in one

  • 60km ultra-long measurement distance, rich measurement information

  • Fast response, an alarm within 1 second

  • Optical signal transmission, complete electrical insulation, anti-electromagnetic interference

  • Intrinsically safe, suitable for long-term work inflammable and explosive environments

  • The measurement is stable and reliable, and the false alarm rate is low

  • The optical fibre has a long service life, up to 30 years maintenance-free

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