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OTDR Bidirectional FBG Filter in Volume Production

Following with mass production of monodirectional 1650nm reflector, AtGrating has been capable of making bidirectional 1650nm reflector in high performance of low insertion loss and high return loss at transmission wavelength ranges.

OTDR Bidirectional FBG Filter in Volume Production

OTDR FBG Filters have the characteristics of simple structure, low cost, easy manufacture, and good stability. The main reference parameters are low insertion loss, high return loss, and high reflectivity. Check the user's optical continuity when adding or troubleshooting, the small size of the reflector allows it to be conveniently placed in series at the user's end.

OTDR Bidirectional FBG Filter

As shown in the figure above, the OTDR FBG Filters can be installed on the ONU side. The OTDR detects the optical signal strength reflected by the reflector and compares the return loss value between the normal line and the faulty link to determine the optical signal in the link. Whether the fiber is damaged or broken. However, the working wavelength of a normal passive optical network (PON) system passes through the reflector with little attenuation because it does not meet the reflector conditions. The reflector achieves the monitoring function without disturbing or losing traffic.

With the implementation of fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) projects, the coverage of optical networks has become larger and larger, and more and more users are involved. Therefore, it is particularly important to detect and maintain faults in the entire optical network quickly and accurately. OTDR FBG Filters will be widely used in FTTx network, PON OTDR test, central computer room reflectivity test, communication system link detection, etc.

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