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Application Schemes of Optical Fiber Sensing Monitoring System in Different Industries


1. Fiber sensor sensing monitoring system for structural health of civil engineering

Large-scale civil engineering structures such as bridges, dams, tunnels, long-span spatial structures, offshore platforms, oil pipelines, and slopes are coupled with catastrophic factors such as environmental loads, fatigue effects, corrosion effects, and material aging during use. The structure inevitably produces damage accumulation and resistance attenuation, thereby reducing the ability to resist natural disasters, and even causing catastrophic emergencies, which will directly cause heavy casualties and economic losses. Therefore, long-term health monitoring of these large structures is necessary. The civil engineering structure health monitoring system is used to monitor the important positions of the structure through the FBG sensing with good stability and strong durability, which provides a basis for its scientific management and use.

2. Fiber sensor sensing power industry temperature monitoring

Since the FBG sensor is not affected by any strong electromagnetic field, it is especially suitable for all kinds of medium and high voltage power equipment, substation systems, real-time online temperature monitoring of medium and high voltage cables, knife gates, switch cabinets, cable tunnels, cable wells, cable interlayers, Substation online temperature detection. The entire temperature sensing network is composed of optical fibers. The optical fiber sensor monitoring and optical fiber signal transmission are completely without electricity. Its excellent insulation performance does not lead to lightning, and the system can work normally when lightning is received in time. Through the connection of local area network, internet network and MIS system, it can realize the convenient, direct, safe and accurate monitoring of power safety production and operation.

3. Fire fighting in fiber sensor sensing tunnels, petrochemicals, and large bunkers

As a non-electrical detection FBG sensor, it is a passive optical device and is inherently very safe. It can not only replace various traditional fire temperature detection technologies, but also be used in nuclear power plants, urban subway tunnels, long-distance highway and railway tunnels, cable tunnels, In important buildings and other places, the sensor does not require fire or electricity during construction and operation. It is very suitable for application in various petrochemical oil storage, gas storage tanks, inflammable and explosive warehouses and other important places. The sensor can monitor the absolute temperature of the place. And real-time monitoring of temperature changes can nip all kinds of fire hazards in the bud.

4. Fiber sensor sensing large-scale mechanical equipment health monitoring system

Large-scale lifting machinery, 10,000-ton ships, wind turbines, large generators, aviation aircraft and other large-scale machinery and equipment are closely related to the country's economic construction. Generally, the detection technology of large mechanical equipment is to evaluate its safety status through manual visual inspection or measurement with portable instruments. This results in a delayed assessment of the long-term use of health analysis and the impact of emergencies on the machinery. At the same time, the damage process of mechanical equipment is a multi-parameter complex field coupling process, which cannot be completely monitored by one person or one parameter. The optical fiber sensor can realize the measurement of temperature, strain, acceleration, displacement, inclination, pressure and other multi-parameters, which meets the requirements of multi-parameter, large-capacity, distributed, real-time online monitoring of large-scale machinery monitoring, and greatly improves the reliability of data acquisition. performance and ease of maintenance of the monitoring system.

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