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FBG for Spacecraft and Ship

Advanced composite materials have better fatigue and corrosion resistance, and can reduce the weight of hulls or spacecraft. They are of great significance for fast shipping or flight. Therefore, composite materials are increasingly used to manufacture aviation and navigation tools (such as aircraft Wing).

In order to comprehensively measure the condition of the hull, it is necessary to understand the deformation moment, shear pressure, and attack force on the deck at different parts of the ship. The ordinary hull requires about 100 sensors. Therefore, the fiber grating sensor with strong wavelength multiplexing ability is most suitable for the hull. Detection. The fiber Bragg grating sensing system can measure the bending stress of the hull, and it can measure the attack force of the waves on the wet deck. The 16-channel fiber grating multiplexing system with interference detection performance successfully achieved dynamic strain measurement with a bandwidth of 5kHz and a resolution of less than 10nε/(Hz)1/2.

In addition, in order to monitor the strain, temperature, vibration, take-off and landing driving state, ultrasonic field and acceleration of an aircraft, more than 100 sensors are usually needed. Therefore, the weight of the sensor should be as light as possible, and the size should be as small as possible, so the most flexible fiber grating sensor Is the best choice. In addition, in fact, there are two directions of strain in the composite material of the aircraft, and the fiber grating sensor embedded in the material is an ideal smart element for realizing multi-point and multi-axial strain and temperature measurement.

FBG Application In Spacecraft And Ships

FBG Application In Spacecraft And Ships

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