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Diameter 1mm GFRP FBG Array Realized in AtGrating

As ordered by one European customer, AtGrating succefully realized 30-FBG-Array in the diameter 1mm GFRP(glass fiber reinforced plastic) rod. During the process of making the 30-FBG-Array GFRP rod, every steps were monitored and show it has very good quality.

Diameter 1mm GFRP FBG Array Realized in AtGrating

GFRP FBG Array has several features:

1)  Insensitive to lightning strike, it is suitable for the area with frequent lightning and rain.

2)  Free from interference, it can resist induction interference; It can be installed close to the power line and electronic devices.

3)  Corrosion free, the GFRP eliminates harmful gas produced by the chemical reaction of metal and ointments which can negatively affect the cable's transmission quality.

4)  Light weight and high strength, low density and high ratio of strength/weight;

5)  FRP strength member for optical cable is bullet-proof and anti-rodent and anti-termite.

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