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AtGrating FBG Products
Based on FBG sensing technology, FBG optical fiber products are widely used for testing and monitoring safety and health through the variation of particular wavelength of light, passive driving, long time stability, and sensibility, which can be applied to any harsh environment.
FBG Reflector FBG Reflector
A typical fiber bragg grating component used to detect optical signals by OTDR in telecommunication industry.
Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG)
FBG inscribing in bare fibre, used in various applications in such as fibre sensing and optical communication areas.
FBG Array & Cable FBG Array & Cable
Multi-point sensing units in a single fiber, tight tube, GFRP or armored cable to form a quasi-distributed sensing system.
FBG Packaged Sensor FBG Packaged Sensor
Bare FBG is soft and fragile, special sensor packaging method need to be adopt to work in many harsh environments.
Optical Fiber Sensing System Optical Fiber Sensing System
FBG interrogators used to analyze the optical signal of the monitoring parameters. DTS or DAS technologies were typically used in distributed sensing system.
Why Choose AtGrating

Over many years development, AtGrating has expanded its solo FBG products to whole fiber sensing system. AtGrating's Fiber Bragg grating (FBG) based sensors are designed for measuring various measurands, such as static and dynamic pressure, strain, temperature, accelerometer, tilt, and displacement, etc., which applies to many fields as construction(building, bridge, tunnels), energy(oil & gas pipeline), hydraulic engineering(dam), telecommunication, aerospace, medical and biotech. AtGrating offers a full support or consulting services for our products, technical assistance during installation, repair, and calibration services.

Experienced Experienced

As a fiber Bragg grating manufacturer in China, AtGrating specialized in the fields of FBG, FBG sensor, wavelength interrogator and other customized FBG products since 2010.

Reliable Reliable

AtGrating produces high quality products with reasonable price, advanced production line and fastest delivery date. In efforts for years, AtGrating earned trust from many customers in the world.

Customized Customized

As an innovative manufacturer, AtGrating products can be customized base on customer's request for various applications.

Fiber Bragg Grating Applications
FBG sensors can be mounted to the surface,or embedded in of the geological structure, by measuring the strain distribution of the geological structure, the local load and health status of the geological structure can be predicted.
Fiber Bragg Grating Applications
Spacecraft and Ship
In order to realize the structural health monitoring of large aircraft, multiple fiber grating sensors can be installed at different measurement points, and combined with advanced communication technology, a distributed intelligent sensor network with super functions can be formed. Real-time monitoring ensures timely alarms before accidents occur, while reducing maintenance costs, inspection time and downtime.
Fiber Bragg Grating Applications
Civil Engineering Structure
Since the fiber grating sensor was first embedded in concrete beam, it has been widely used in mechanical parameter measurement and structure health monitoring of bridges, dams, pipelines, tunnels, buildings and roads. Among them, one of the fields with the most applications of fiber grating sensors is the structure health monitoring of bridge.
Fiber Bragg Grating Applications
Petrochemical Industry
FBG sensor has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, strong corrosion resistance, and electromagnetic interference resistance, which makes it possible to use oil logging technology to measure physical quantities such as downhole temperature, flow rate and pressure, so as to make predictions to solve various problems that may arise in advance.
Fiber Bragg Grating Applications
Power Industry
Fiber grating sensors are ideal for power industry applications due to their immunity to electromagnetic fields and low-loss transmission over long distances. The load capacity of the wire, the temperature of the transformer winding, and the high current can all be measured by the fiber grating sensor.
Fiber Bragg Grating Applications
Medical and Biotech
Due to the high flexibility, high sensitivity, good biocompatibility and other characteristics of polymer FBG, they play an irreplaceable role in biomedical sensing and detection, and have received extensive attention in the academic and medical circles in recent years.
Fiber Bragg Grating Applications
Fiber bragg grating has the characteristics of small additional loss, small size, good coupling with optical fiber, and integration with other optical fiber devices, making it a key device in all-optical networks.
Fiber Bragg Grating Applications
Chemical Sensing
In scientific research, analytical chemistry, environmental protection and industrial production, pH is an important physical parameter, which should be accurately measured. Compared with traditional measurement methods, optical sensors have numerous advantages, such as suitable for remote sensing, miniature size, chemical and biological inert.
Fiber Bragg Grating Applications
Other Applications
AtGrating attended CIOE 2023
Aug 12, 2023
AtGrating attended CIOE 2023
AtGrating had successfully exhibited in the CIOE 2023! Thanks to all of the friends that had visited us during the show! AtGrating has been dedicating in providing reliable fiber optic sensing & communication solutions. We have been in the industry for decades and will keep being your repliable partner that help you take one step cloaser to fiber optical sensing.
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