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fbg accelerometer al 01

FBG Accelerometer

FBG Accelerometer AL-01 transmits the acceleration change to the FBG after the FBG is properly packaged inside, and calculates the acceleration by measuring the wavelength shift of the fiber grating combined with the fast fiber grating interrogation technology.

The AL-01 adopts the most advanced fiber grating sensing technology, small size, high sensitivity and high reliability, and can work in harsh environments for a long time. At the same time,the sensor can be designed into into two-axis and three-axis combinations through different structures. It is suitable for vibration monitoring of engines, generator pumps, bridges, roadbeds and other engineering structures.

Features of FBG Accelerometer AL-01

  • High resolution and wide frequency response range 

  • High precision, high stability and reliability

  • Small in size, waterproof and moisture-proof

  • Fast, simple and repeatable installation

Application of FBG Accelerometer AL-01

  • Bridge cable force monitoring

  • Vibration monitoring of various engineering structures such as bridges and roadbeds

  • Frequency measurement of engines, generator pumps

Specification of FBG Accelerometer AL-01

Center Wavelengthnm1460 ~ 1610
Rangems²Low:+/-1, High: +/-5
Accuracyms²0.5% F.S.
Frequency ResponseHzLow: 0.5 ~ 40, High: 0.5 ~ 150
DimensionmmΦ60 x 20
Pigtail LengthmΦ3mm armored cable, 1m at single end (dual fiber), or customize
Optical Connector--FC/APC, or customize
Operating Temperature°C-20 ~ +80

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