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Fiber Optic Transducer Has Unique Advantages


The optical fiber sensor system uses light as the carrier of sensitive information, and uses optical fiber as the medium to transmit sensitive information. It has the characteristics of optical fiber and optical measurement, and has a series of unique advantages. Good electrical insulation performance, strong anti-electromagnetic interference ability, non-invasive, high sensitivity, easy to achieve long-distance monitoring of the measured signal, corrosion resistance, explosion-proof, flexible optical path, easy to connect with a computer.

1. The optical fiber sensor has high sensitivity

Since light is an electromagnetic wave with a very short wavelength, its optical length is obtained from the phase of the light. Taking the optical fiber interferometer as an example, due to the small diameter of the optical fiber used, its optical length will change when it is subjected to a small external mechanical force or a temperature change, resulting in a large phase change. Assuming that a 10 -meter fiber is used, a change of 1 °C causes a phase change of 1000ard. If the minimum phase change that can be detected is 0.01ard, then the minimum temperature change that can be measured is 10 ° C, which shows its high sensitivity.

2. The optical fiber sensor is anti-electromagnetic interference, electrical insulation, corrosion resistance, and intrinsically safe

Since the optical fiber sensor uses light waves to transmit information, and the optical fiber is an electrically insulating, corrosion-resistant transmission medium, and is safe and reliable, it can be easily and effectively used in various large-scale electromechanical, petrochemical, mines, etc. flammable, explosive and other harsh environments.

3. The measurement speed of the optical fiber sensor is fast

Light travels the fastest and can transmit two-dimensional information, so it can be used for high-speed measurements. The analysis of radar and other signals requires a very high detection rate, which is difficult to achieve by applying electronic methods, but can be solved by using high-speed spectrum analysis of the diffraction phenomenon of light.

4. Optical fiber sensor has large information capacity

The measured signal takes light wave as the carrier, and the frequency of light is extremely high, and the frequency band accommodated is very wide, and the same optical fiber can transmit multiple signals.

5. Optical fiber sensors are suitable for harsh environments

Optical fiber is a dielectric, resistant to high voltage, corrosion, and electromagnetic interference, and can be used in harsh environments that other sensors are not suitable for. In addition, the fiber optic sensor system also has the characteristics of light weight, small size, flexibility, wide range of measurement objects, good reusability, and low cost.

The AtGrating Technologies FBG packaged sensor is an excellent fiber optic sensor, especially for stress and strain measurement. It has advantages unmatched by other sensors. Integrating with materials as monitoring materials and structures is considered to be the most promising smart structure. With our high quality FBG sensors you can measure temperature, strain, pressure, displacement, acceleration, inclination and even hydrostatic levels.

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