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Fiber Optic Thermometer

FBG Temperature Sensor ST-01

FBG Temperature Sensor ST-01 uses stainless steel sleeve packaging technology, which has good anti-corrosion and sealing performance. High-strength armored optical cable is used for fiber lead in and out, which is suitable for harsh measurement environment, can be directly buried in concrete structure for long-term temperature monitoring. 

The ST-01 can be used for temperature monitoring on either the surface or inside of different structures, and can be used for tunnel fire protection, buried temperature measurement, etc. It is widely used in bridges, dams, offshore oil platforms, large oil and gas tanks in oil and gas pipelines and other areas , and quasi-distributed accurate temperature measurement of large facilities or equipment in the fields of electric power, military industry, fire protection, mining, aerospace and other fields.

Features of FBG Temperature Sensor ST-01

  • High Accuracy & Resolution

  • Static and Dynamic Measurements

  • Insensitive to Corrosion and Vibrations

  • Easy to Install

  • Long Term Reliability

  • Waterproof

Application of FBG Temperature Sensor ST-01

  • Bridge Structural Health Monitoring

  • Building Monitoring

  • Dam Instrumentation

  • Tunnel Monitoring

  • Multi-point Temperature Sensing

Specification of FBG Temperature Sensor ST-01




Wavelength Range


1460 ~ 1610

Temperature Resolution


Temperature Accuracy


Temperature Range


Connector Type






Cable Type


Φ3 armored cable

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