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fbg displacement sensor dst 01

FBG Displacement Sensor DST-01

FBG Displacement Sensor DST-01 is used for long-term measurement of structural beams and large buildings or other concrete, steel structures, building settlements, displacements and landslides. The sensor is installed by pulling rope, which can accurately and quickly measure the beam settlement, the displacement and deformation of the tunnel structure and the contact surface of the building. At the same time, a temperature FBG is installed inside the sensor, which can perform automatic temperature compensation.

Features of FBG Displacement Sensor DST-01

  • High precision, high reliability, high stability

  • Built-in automatic temperature compensation

  • All-optical measurement, intrinsically safe

  • Long-term zero point stability

  • Easy to install

Application of FBG Displacement Sensor DST-01

  • Measure the displacement of different depths in bridges, dams, tunnels and various underground works

  • Measurement of land subsidence deformation, slope slip deformation

  • Long-term displacement monitoring of steel structure base under force and deformation

Specification of FBG Displacement Sensor DST-01

Center Wavelengthnm1460 ~ 1610
Rangemm10 ~ 150
Resolutionmm0.05% F.S.
Accuracymm0.5% F.S.
Temperature Compensation--Built-in
Material--Stainless steel
DimensionmmΦ22 x 234
Installation--Mechanical fixation
Pigtail LengthmΦ3mm armored cable, 1m at single end, or customize
Optical Connector--FC/APC, or customize
Operating Temperature°C-20 ~ +80

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