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fbg strain sensor mst 03

FBG Strain Sensor MST-03

FBG Strain Sensor MST-03 is a special FBG strain sensor designed for strain feedback monitoring of wind turbine pitch control and the abnormality monitoring of wind turbine blade structure, configured with built-in temperature compensation, anti-fatigue, the same type of sensor can be blindly inserted or replaced at will, easy to install.

Features of FBG Strain Sensor MST-03

  • Anti long-term vibration: 2g

  • Anti fatigue: no metal package

  • Quick installation: blind insertion, easy reset

Application of FBG Strain Sensor MST-03

  • Strain feedback for wind turbine pitch control

  • On-line monitoring of structural abnormalities of wind turbine blades and propellers

  • Low frequency vibration monitoring of wind turbine blades or towers

Specification of FBG Strain Sensor MST-03

Center Wavelengthnm1460 ~ 1610
Resolutionμε0.1% F.S.
Accuracyμε1% F.S.
Vibration FrequencyHz0.1~200
Temperature Compensation--Built-in
Material--Silicone Rubber
Dimensionmm125 x 29 x 5.7
Pigtail LengthmΦ2mm TPU cable, 1m at single end, or customize
Optical Connector--SC/APC, or customize
Operating Temperature-20 ~ +100
Operating Humidity%10 ~ 95

The sensor accuracy does not contain error sources originating from the read-out equipment.

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